2013 Project Highlights

Friends of the Peak has a variety of projects for 2013, most of them maintaining trails.

We’ll be working on Barr Trail several days.  You can preview those projects, or register if you’re ready to commit.

Thursdays will start on Seven Bridges Trail.  If you hike Seven Bridges often, you probably remember the tree that fell across the trail at a steep right turn (going uphill) by Undine Falls.  The hillside eroded as people tried to go around the fallen tree.  The tree finally came out completely, but the trail and hillside are in bad shape.  Thursday project days will begin by trying to fix the problems here.  Then they’ll move up the trail to the spot before the scree field where the trail takes another sharp right turn uphill.

FOTP has had projects building trails on South Slope since 2010.  This year we have one project day on South Slope.  It will work on the trail built to Mason Reservoir last year.  A section across a steep cross slope has narrowed, so we’ll work to widen that.

The Elk Park Knoll Trail has an erosion gully across it that we’ll work to stabilize.  Volunteers will access the project site from the Pikes Peak Highway.

The trail to the summit of the Peak from Crags, through Devil’s Playground is becoming more and more popular.  It has some segments above timberline where the trail is not clear.  FOTP has already had projects to build cairns to help hikers find the way.  If you want to play with rocks at 13,000 feet, here is your chance.  We’ll build and or reinforce cairns in areas where the trail isn’t clear.  This is another project where volunteers will drive up Pikes Peak Highway so that the hike to the work area is short.

The only opportunity we have for building new trail this year is a Colorado Springs Parks and Rec project that is joint with other volunteer organizations.  The project in Section 16 on National Trails Day will build a section of trail intended for bikes.

After working on so many projects, the tools that have faithfully worked all those projects need to be cleaned and sharpened before being put away for next year.  So we’ll have the annual Octoolberfest day.

Sign up for projects on the registration page.

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