We are dedicated to minimizing human impact while maximizing human enjoyment on Pikes Peak.

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Beaver CreekCathedral ParkSouth Slope Trail WorkLunch on the RocksBreakfast for the South Slope Trail CrewDevil's Playground/Crags Workday, 8/2/2014
Colorado College Students, Devil's Playground Trail, 8/21/2015

Current News:

Ring the Peak -- 16 in '16
Governor Hickenlooper directed the Department of Natural Resources to identify 16 priority trail gaps in Colorado for 2016.  One of 200 submissions, Ring the Peak was selected.  The list of selected trails was announced on January 20.

Colorado Springs Parks and Rec Proposed Land Exchange
CS  Parks and Rec had a proposed land exchange with the Broadmoor.  You can find more information on the city web page.  A map and details is also available.  (The map and info might not include the update.  The proposal now also includes a trail easement on the spur trail between Barr Trail and Ruxton Avenue.)  In the proposal, CS Parks and Rec would receive 370 acres and trail easements for Chamberlain Trail, with 190 acres going to the Broadmoor.

Summit Complex 
The preferred design for the new summit house and complex was presented at a meeting on January 26.  You can give your comments on the preferred design in an online survey.  The city's project links page and main summit house page has more information.

New Officers
Congratulations to the new officers for Friends of the Peak: president Paul Mead, vice president Steve Bremner, secretary Jenny Sullivan, and treasurer Alex Sullivan.  Also, thank you to the retiring board members: Jim Strub, Bob Bunch, and Carol Beckman.

Manitou Springs Master Plan for Open Space and Trails
Manitou Springs is developing their master plan for parks, open space, and trails.  The draft master plan will be presented at an open house, Thursday, April 14, 6:00 p.m. Manitou Springs city hall, 606 Manitou Avenue.  You can also check out Manitou Springs' web page.

Bear Creek
Forest Service sent responses to objections on November 17.  Formal consultation is underway with the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) on cultural resources and Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) for Threatened and Endangered species.  After consultation concludes, Forest Service plans to incorporate any additional mitigations, then issue a final decision.   Information is available on the Forest Service web site Bear Creek page.

Our goals are:
  • To provide a unified, pro-active voice for the preservation and restoration of the natural environment of Pikes Peak,
  • To promote and enhance recreational opportunities and visitor experiences that are in harmony with the natural environment of Pikes Peak,
  • To promote and participate in research and solutions for the sound stewardship of Pikes Peak,
  • To promote awareness of and education about Pikes Peak.

We accomplish these goals by partnering with the U.S. Forest Service, Colorado Springs Parks and Recreation, the Pikes Peak Highway, El Paso County Parks, Colorado Springs Utilities, and other volunteer and Friends organizations.

Upcoming Activities

Manitou Springs trails, open space, and parks master plan draft review
6 p.m., Thur, Apr 14
Manitou city hall, 606 Manitou Ave

Pikes Peak regional crew leader training
Fri to Sun, Apr 22 to 24
Bear Creek Nature Center, 245 Bear Creek Road