We are dedicated to minimizing human impact while maximizing human enjoyment on Pikes Peak.

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Current News:

Forest Service 

 News Release

 Contact: Barb Timock, Public Affairs Officer, 719-553-1415

 Beginning Tuesday January 17, 2017 the Pikes Peak Ranger District of the Pike-San Isabel National Forest will be temporarily closing the Crags area including Forest Service Road 383, access to the Crags, Devils Playground and Raspberry Mountain in order to provide for public safety during hazard tree removal operations.  This closure prohibits all public entry into the area, including foot and vehicle traffic.

  A Forest Service contractor will be working over the winter and spring months with heavy equipment to fell and remove hazard trees in the area. A spruce beetle infestation several years ago has left many of the shallow rooted spruce trees standing dead along Forest Road 383. Hazard tree removal and associated area closures are expected along FS Road 383 over the next few years. Once the contractor has finished removing trees and snow melt off has occurred, the Forest Service will assess the area and determine if it is safe to re-open.

 For more information about the Crags area and closure, please contact the Pikes Peak Ranger District at (719)636-1602.  More information about alternate recreation areas can also be found on the Pike-San Isabel National Forest public website at http://www.fs.usda.gov/psicc

Summit House 

The project team is working on the detailed design.

Bear Creek Watershed
Information on the project is available on the Forest Service web site Bear Creek page.

Manitou Shuttle   
The free Manitou shuttle on the Incline/Cog route runs year round.  Routes, times, and more info are on the Manitou Springs tourism web site and a schedule doc on the Mountain Metro web site.

Ring the Peak Trail 
 Trails and Open Space Coalition and FOTP are working together on the initiative to complete the trail. Trails and Open Space Coalition received a grant to hire a contractor to plan, coordinate, and present a way ahead for completing the trail on the southwest side of the mountain.

Our goals are:
  • To provide a unified, pro-active voice for the preservation and restoration of the natural environment of Pikes Peak,
  • To promote and enhance recreational opportunities and visitor experiences that are in harmony with the natural environment of Pikes Peak,
  • To promote and participate in research and solutions for the sound stewardship of Pikes Peak,
  • To promote awareness of and education about Pikes Peak.

We accomplish these goals by partnering with the U.S. Forest Service, Colorado Springs Parks and Recreation, the Pikes Peak Highway, El Paso County Parks, Colorado Springs Utilities, and other volunteer and Friends organizations.

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