We are dedicated to minimizing human impact while maximizing human enjoyment on Pikes Peak.

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Current News:

Thank You, Ascent Cycling
Thank you to Ascent Cycling for the donation for Friends of the Peak, and also for taking the initiative to have a fundraiser to support 6 local Friends groups that support the trails that we all love.

Jones Park
At the January 13 meeting, Colorado Springs city council voted 7-2 to give Jones Park to El Paso County.

South Slope Trails
Are you curious about the new trails on the South Slope of Pikes Peak, but don't want to wait until spring?  Use Google Earth to tour the area!  Just use this link to download the GPX file, then open it in Earth or your favorite GPS track viewer.
South Slope Trails Google Earth View

Incline Is Open
The Manitou Incline opened on Friday, December 5 at a 10 a.m. ceremony.  CS Parks and Rec has more information.

Bear Creek
The trails in the Bear Creek area are open for hiking and biking.  Camping and motorized use are still restricted.   Here is the current trail map.
Information about Forest Service's long-term proposal for the Bear Creek watershed is available on the Forest Service web site Bear Creek page.

Our goals are:
  • To provide a unified, pro-active voice for the preservation and restoration of the natural environment of Pikes Peak,
  • To promote and enhance recreational opportunities and visitor experiences that are in harmony with the natural environment of Pikes Peak,
  • To promote and participate in research and solutions for the sound stewardship of Pikes Peak,
  • To promote awareness of and education about Pikes Peak.

We accomplish these goals by partnering with the U.S. Forest Service, Colorado Springs Parks and Recreation, the Pikes Peak Highway, El Paso County Parks, Colorado Springs Utilities, and other volunteer and Friends organizations.

Upcoming Activities

We're working on projects for 2015.
Check back in spring for our schedule.
Thank you, volunteers, for a great year in 2014!