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A personalised and tasty blend of superfoods, supplements and botanicals to help your dog thrive

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How it works

Tell us about your dog

General wellbeing? Specific concern? Tell us where your dog needs a leg up.

Discover their personalised blend

Sprinkle your dog’s blend on their regular food. Tasty for them. Simple for you.

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Personalised to perfection

When it comes to your dog’s health, one size definitely does not fit all.

Which is why everything about our blends is personalised to your pup, from the serving size to the targeted health support.

Heck, we even put their name on the packet.

Honest to the bone

We promise to always be upfront about our products.

We tell you what’s inside, where they’re from, how they’re made and how they help your dog.

That way, you can trust that your dog’s getting everything they need, and nothing they don’t.

Put to the test

Everything we do is grounded in science. And none of it escapes the microscope of our experts.

Combining 25 years of experience, Vets Steph and Andrew along with Nurse Nicole ensure that every one of our blends is sourced ethically, safe for your dog and thoroughly tested.

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